Review – Incorrect Statements

Review – Incorrect Statements Summary
 March 7, 2014

To date, I have reviewed more than 200 products related to the Dakota War of 1862. I have accumulated incorrect statements from these products and have sorted them into categories. Many duplicate statements have been removed. In all, I have about 90 pages! This essay is a summary of these statements.

General Comments

  • The truth is tragic enough. We do not need to embellish or revise this history.
  • Many ethnic groups were involved. They all need to be included. But, many products focus on the Dakota perspective.
  • People search for and report the worst things the whites did to the Dakota. It appears that the Whites did nothing right.
  • Much more time and space are devoted to Dakota history than to other ethnic groups, especially after the Dakota War of 1862.
  • Many general statements about various groups are not correct because these statements do not apply to all persons in that group.
  • Many people today, have beliefs about Dakota history based on wrong information.

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