Historic FR – Visitors Beware – May 2017

Historic Fort Ridgely – Visitors Beware – May 2017
© June 2, 2017, John LaBatte
Updated on June 11, 2017

This is the 2nd notice to the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) and to the Nicollet County Historical Society (NCHS) that serious problems exist at Historic Fort Ridgely. The 1st notice was posted on this blog and mailed to people at MHS and NCHS in June 2016. See bulleted items below for changes to the site since June 2016. I visited Historic Fort Ridgely several times in May 2017. See below for problems that still exist.

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MHS Scorecard

Minnesota Historical Society Scorecard
January 1, 2017
Updated on May 29, 2017

Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) produces more products related to the 1862 Dakota War than any other organization or individual. Below are counts of incorrect, unbalanced and disrespectful statements in MHS products. The detailed reviews can be found elsewhere on this blog.

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Be Skeptical

Be Skeptical
© December 6, 2016, John LaBatte

Skeptic – “a person who questions or doubts something (such as a claim or statement)”

To date, I have reviewed more than 300 products related to Dakota/White history. These include essays, speeches, websites, exhibits, signs, audio-visual and books. I can definitely conclude that there is much incorrect, unbalanced and disrespectful information out there on this history.

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Historic Fort Ridgely – Visitors Beware

Historic Fort Ridgely – Visitors Beware
© June 23, 2016, John LaBatte
Updated on July 17, 2016

Fort Ridgely State Park is managed by the Minnesota DNR. Historic Fort Ridgely occupies about 22 acres within the State Park. The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) owns Historical Fort Ridgely and sub-contracts its operation to Nicollet County Historical Society (NCHS). Today, MHS is asking for $34,000,000 from the State Legislature for Historic Fort Snelling. Fort Snelling was never attacked. Historic Fort Ridgely is the most significant historic site in Minnesota. So, how do MHS and NCHS treat Historic Fort Ridgely? Read on.

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Genocide and Concentration Camps

Genocide and Concentration Camps
© January 14, 2016, John LaBatte
Updated on July 17, 2016

“…we owe it to those who died and suffered to tell the truth, and we owe it to future generations not to lie to them.” (Treuer, 32)

What is genocide? Did anyone commit genocide in 1862-63? Which standard for genocide should we use: 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention or 1998 Rome Statute?

What is a concentration camp? Were there any concentration camps in 1862-63?

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