MHS FR – Maintenance Problems

Minnesota Historical Society
Historic Fort Ridgely
Maintenance Problems
Posted on September 3, 2018

I visited Fort Ridgely Historic Site on August 24, 2018. There have been few improvements since my last visit on July 14, 2018. The Minnesota Historical Society continues to show:

  • No Resprect for history at Minnesota’s most important historic site.
  • No Respect for the people who fought and died here.
  • No Respect for the paying public who visit this site.

I noted the following:

  • The Hours of Operation sign has not been replaced.
  • The potholes in the south entrance driveway are worse. Excess pea rock from elsewhere in the parking lot can fix this.
  • There are more weeds in the parking lot and on the trails since my last visit.
  • Many minor popping plastic problems on the trails have been fixed. There are at least 13 major problems that have not been fixed. Gophers are digging under the plastic making the trail base spongy. There many trail areas where the tops of the plastic base are showing. The loose pea rock is settling into low places making an inconsistent walking surface.
  • The woodchuck hole is still there. Does anyone want to put your hand down the hole to see if anyone is living there?

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Review – Incorrect Statements

Review – Incorrect Statements Summary
 March 7, 2014

To date, I have reviewed more than 200 products related to the Dakota War of 1862. I have accumulated incorrect statements from these products and have sorted them into categories. Many duplicate statements have been removed. In all, I have about 90 pages! This essay is a summary of these statements.

General Comments

  • The truth is tragic enough. We do not need to embellish or revise this history.
  • Many ethnic groups were involved. They all need to be included. But, many products focus on the Dakota perspective.
  • People search for and report the worst things the whites did to the Dakota. It appears that the Whites did nothing right.
  • Much more time and space are devoted to Dakota history than to other ethnic groups, especially after the Dakota War of 1862.
  • Many general statements about various groups are not correct because these statements do not apply to all persons in that group.
  • Many people today, have beliefs about Dakota history based on wrong information.

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