On Guard! – New Interpretation at Historic FR

On Guard! – New Interpretation at Historic Fort Ridgely
© May 9, 2019, John LaBatte

It helps to complain. I have been posting reviews and essays concerning the problems at Historic Fort Ridgely on my blog since 2012. Each of these was sent to Minnesota Historical Society (MHS). Finally, MHS proposes to spend $108,138 for new interpretation at Historic Fort Ridgely. But, can MHS be trusted to do this job right?

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MHS is Prejudiced

Minnesota Historical Society is Prejudiced
© May 8, 2019, John LaBatte

On January 26, 2013, I posted “Is Minnesota Historical Society Prejudiced?” to this blog. I went on to prove Minnesota Historic Society (MHS) was prejudiced against White history in relation to the Dakota War of 1862. And now, 6 years later, nothing has changed. Read on.

Please Note
I do not oppose Dakota Indian history. I advocate balance in history. Anything done for the Dakota Indians needs to be done for other Minnesota ethnic groups. Minnesota Historical Society does not represent all Minnesota ethnic groups equally.

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MHS FR – Visitors Beware

Minnesota Historical Society
Fort Ridgely – Visitors Beware – May 2018
© June 11, 2018, John LaBatte

This is the 3rd annual report to the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) that serious problems exist at Historic Fort Ridgely. See bulleted items below for changes to site maintenance and interpretation since June 2017. I visited Historic Fort Ridgely in May 2018. See below for problems that still exist.

Fort Ridgely State Park is managed by the Minnesota DNR. Historic Fort Ridgely occupies about 22 acres within the State Park. MHS owns Historical Fort Ridgely and sub-contracts its operation to Nicollet County Historical Society. Historic Fort Ridgely is the most significant historic site in Minnesota. So, how does MHS treat Historic Fort Ridgely? Read on.

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MHS – FR – Please help

Minnesota Historical Society – Historic Fort Ridgely
What You Can Do to Help
February 6, 2018

Today, Historic Fort Ridgely is under attack again; not by Indians but by poor maintenance and interpretation. The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) is the culprit. MHS disrespects the people who fought and died here. MHS is lying to the public. Here is what you can do to help.

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