MHS LQP Problems – June 2017

Minnesota Historical Society
Lac qui Parle Mission Historic Site
Maintenance Problems
June 2017

The Lac qui Parle Mission was in service from 1835 to 1854. White missionaries invited area Dakota People to become Christians and to learn to live as the whites. The site is owned by the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) and managed by the Chippewa County Historical Society (CCHS). I first notified MHS and CCHS of these problems in September 2016. Nothing has been improved. Conditions are worsening. It is shameful how this site is being maintained. Doesn’t anyone care?

The present mission building is a reproduction. It appears to be well-cared for.

This is the location of the Huggins cabin. Note that the old signs are missing from the sign posts. New interpretive panels were installed inside and outside the mission building in 2016. MHS can find money to install new panels but cannot find money to maintain the old sites and signs. This structure and sign posts should either be maintained or removed.

Lower entry staircase to the spring trail – This will soon be covered in weeds. Note that the handrail needs repair. This trail is washed out. A warning sign should be placed here.

This is the top entry to the spring trail. Note the “Trail Closed” sign. A similar sign should be placed at the lower entry staircase.

The Williamson cabin site signs are still intact. But, note the weeds inside and outside the framed structure. Soon it will be covered in weeds.

Looking down at the mission over a sea of weeds, bushes and brush – the mower cannot cut this area. This is likely responsible for the swarms of mosquitoes. The Williamson cabin site is down and to the left.

Note the pile of brush front right center. Last September it stood alone and could have easily been removed. But, now it is nearly covered in weeds.

The trail up to the Riggs and Petijohn cabin sites is being washed out by the rains.

I believe this is the Riggs cabin site. Note the top sign has fallen down from the sign posts. Note the bushes overgrowing the framed structure. This structure, signs and sign posts should either be maintained or removed.

I believe this is the Pettijohn cabin site. Note the back of the frame structure has dropped. Note the bushes over-growing the structure. This structure should either be maintained or removed.


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