My reply to a recent email

 If I am inaccurate, unbalanced or disrespectful, please comment on this with facts backed by solid sources. Please be respectful, be brief and stay on point.

I have received several emails that do not meet these criteria. I have not published them. I will respond briefly to one email commenting on my review of the DNR Fort Snelling Exhibit.

Regarding the Dakota word mni
According to Riggs’ A Dakota-English Dictionary, mini is Dakota for “water”; mni is Ihanktonwan (Yankton) for “mini.”

Regarding the Dakota Family name Wapahasa (Wabasha)
According to Riggs’ A Dakota-English Dictionary, wapahasa is “a noun of wapaha.” Wapaha is Dakota for “a hat, cap, bonnet; a covering for the head…” It does not mention the color red. There are at least 5 translations of Wapahasa and Wabasha.

Regarding the exhibit text, “Reservation boundaries were redrawn many times. As treaties were broken, Dakota lands were reapportioned and opened for white settlement”
I believe this refers to the Minnesota Dakota reservations up to 1863. It is not clear that this statement refers to the Dawes Act of 1887.

Regarding genocide
Some people claim the U.S. committed genocide against the Dakota people during the Dakota War of 1862. If we say the U.S. committed genocide then we must say the hostile Dakota committed genocide. Killing more than 650 innocent white men, women and children is perhaps the most compelling example.

I stand by my statements in this review.

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