MHS FR – Visitors Beware

Minnesota Historical Society
Fort Ridgely – Visitors Beware – May 2018
© June 11, 2018, John LaBatte

This is the 3rd annual report to the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) that serious problems exist at Historic Fort Ridgely. See bulleted items below for changes to site maintenance and interpretation since June 2017. I visited Historic Fort Ridgely in May 2018. See below for problems that still exist.

Fort Ridgely State Park is managed by the Minnesota DNR. Historic Fort Ridgely occupies about 22 acres within the State Park. MHS owns Historical Fort Ridgely and sub-contracts its operation to Nicollet County Historical Society. Historic Fort Ridgely is the most significant historic site in Minnesota. So, how does MHS treat Historic Fort Ridgely? Read on.

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MHS FR – Maintenance Problems

Minnesota Historical Society
Historic Fort Ridgely
Maintenance Problems
Posted on May 29, 2018
Updated on July 16, 2018

I visited Fort Ridgely Historic Site on July 14, 2018. There have been few improvements since my last visit on May 27, 2018. THE MINNESOTA HISTORICAL SOCIETY CONTINUES TO DISRESPECT THIS SITE’S HISTORY AND MAINTENANCE AND THE PAYING VISITORS. I noted the following changes to exterior maintenance since my last visit:

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MHS – FR – Please help

Minnesota Historical Society – Historic Fort Ridgely
What You Can Do to Help
February 6, 2018

Today, Historic Fort Ridgely is under attack again; not by Indians but by poor maintenance and interpretation. The Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) is the culprit. MHS disrespects the people who fought and died here. MHS is lying to the public. Here is what you can do to help.

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MHS FR – Unbalanced Interpretation

Minnesota Historical Society
Historic Fort Ridgely
Unbalanced Interpretation
© September 27, 2017, John LaBatte

Historic Fort Ridgely served the Minnesota frontier from 1853 to 1867. If not for historic Fort Ridgely, there would be no Fort Ridgely State Park. Historic Fort Ridgely is interpreted by the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS). Detailed reviews of Fort Ridgely interpretation have been posted to this blog. In these reviews, I call statements unbalanced if:

  • The statement gives information about one group while corresponding information is not given for other groups involved.
  • The statement gives only one side of an issue.

Almost all unbalanced interpretation in MHS Dakota War products favors the Dakota Indians. Much of the unbalanced interpretation at Fort Ridgely favors the whites. This essay takes a closer look at the unbalanced interpretation at Historic Fort Ridgely.

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